Cats Are Not Small Dogs – The Importance of A Yearly Physical

Cats Are Not Small Dogs (nor do they want to be!)

The Importance of a Yearly Physical

Yes, all our doctors and technicians bear scars from a tangle with an unhappy feline – and some of us can name our scars based on whose claws caused them! Some of us even own one of these feline terrors. Bottom line is, we are well aware of the trauma that many owners have to face in dragging Garfield out from under the couch, stuffing him into a carrier, listening to him complain the whole way in just so that the vet can poke and prod him. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve the best medical care!

Just like humans and dogs, cats can develop medical conditions at any age. Unlike humans and most dogs, however, cats are great at hiding their illnesses. That is why a yearly physical exam and consult with a veterinarian is so very important. It allows us to evaluate your cat for subtle signs of illness so that issues can be addressed before they become a serious, possibly even life-threatening problem. You see your cat every day so it can be difficult for you to notice subtle changes in your cat’s weight; and you probably don’t palpate your cat’s kidneys nor do you open your cat’s mouth on a regular basis!

Even if your cat is strictly indoors, that does not prevent him or her from getting sick. Many diseases (kidney failure, diabetes, hyperthyroidism) can develop in any cat, indoor or out. While some diseases are curable, other can be successfully managed long term if addressed early enough.

In addition to detecting early signs of illness, other issues can be discussed at yearly examinations such as dental care, diet, and environmental enrichment. We know you love your cat and want your cat to live the healthiest life possible – allow our expertise to help you with that!