Financial Concerns/Estate Planning/Disaster Planning

Pet Insurance

Did you know that there is health insurance for pets? Just as in human health insurance, there are many pet insurance companies out there with many different policies and restrictions. But beware, companies with cheap premiums could be the least helpful when you need them the most! Other companies may...

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Preparing for a Disaster

Disaster can strike anywhere and any time. To avoid becoming separated from your pet or from having to leave your pet stranded in the event of a disaster or evacuation, every pet owner should have a pet disaster preparedness plan tailored specifically to the needs of both the family and...

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Preparing For Your Pet’s Future Without You

Many owners give some consideration to what will happen to their pets after they die, but what about unexpected events? Hospitalization, long term illness or injury, or moving to a nursing home that doesn’t allow pets are situations that can come up quickly and unexpectedly. It is important to have...

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