Seasonal Concerns

Summer Safety Tips

Keeping pets safe and healthy through the summer can sometimes be a challenge.  Extreme heat, mosquitoes and bugs, thunder storms and lightning, fireworks, and just playing outside, can all present a risk to our pets.   So for those of you sharing your summer fun with Spot or Fluffy, here...

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Spring is Here

Spring Well, spring is here – flowers are blooming, the birds and the bees are…well they are doing their “thing”, and you and your pets are itching to break out of your winter shells to go romping and enjoy the beautiful weather in the months to come.  But, as with...

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Keeping the Joy in the Holidays

Keeping the Joy in the Holidays Few songs evoke the warm and welcoming feelings of the holidays better then Mel Torme’s “The Christmas Song.” This song also is an excellent tool for teaching pet owners about the unique hazards faced by pets during the holiday season whether we are celebrating...

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