Injured Wildlife

Our clinic is one of only a few veterinary hospitals in the state of Maryland licensed to treat wild animals. This is a distinction of which we are especially proud. We have committed our staff and resources to treat ill or injured wildlife in the hopes that they can be returned to the wild. We work closely with federal, state and local wildlife programs and rehabilitators to ensure that these wild animals are given every chance of survival. As our way of promoting the health of area wildlife, we do all of this free of charge and our doctors and staff volunteer their time. However, to help offset the cost of providing high-quality, state-of-the-art medical care for our local wildlife, we have established a “CARING FOR WILDLIFE” fund. Donations made to this fund are used solely to cover the material costs (x-rays, anesthesia, pins/splints, bandages, medications, and food) of caring for these animals.

For more information, ask us for our Wildlife Brochure. To make a donation, please fill out our Wildlife Donation Form.