We offer boarding for established patients only. Because we would like to be familiar with the health status of all boarded pets, we require them to be up to date on their annual exams by one of our doctors. We do not require the Bordetella (Kennel Cough) or Canine Influenza vaccine. If you would like to board your pet, and are not a current client, call us to set up an exam for your pet so that we may establish a relationship with you and your pet.


Large dogs are kept in spacious 10 x 7 ft indoor runs. Small dogs and cats are housed in 4 x 2.5 ft cages. Runs and cages are cleaned twice daily (or more often if needed). To limit the chance of infections and to keep animals comfortable, we provide all bedding. We do not allow you to bring your own bedding from home as we cannot ensure with all the multiple washing that it would not be damaged.


Although we do provide food, you may bring your pet’s own food and treats. Do not bring rawhides, bones, hooves, toys or anything that cannot be immediately ingested. Unless specified otherwise, all cats are fed a urinary prescription diet and all dogs are fed a gastrointestinal prescription diet.


Because we are located so close to two major roadways, we do not routinely walk pets outside unless a special form is signed. Please note that all walk-outs are done at the discretion of the doctor on duty. All dogs are placed in a different run to do their business while their run is being cleaned.


Please bring any prescription medications (including insulin) that your pet is on in their original containers. Please let us know when the next dose is due. For diabetic boarders, include a feeding schedule for your pet.


Emergency services are available to our regular clients and patients.